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Our Business

The Spiritage Group is a customer solutions company whose focus is to deliver products and services which have a positive impact on businesses, the lifestyles of ordinary consumers.

We are a growing company and currently employ 240 people in various countries. Our activities cover advisory and operational services in a number of sectors including health, telecoms, technologies, on demand services, (digital market place, logistics and mobility) fin-tech and energy sectors.

The Group has a global outlook, whilst at the same time having a good understanding of doing business in Africa. We continue to expand our knowledge and understanding across different sectors and industries to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

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Our Values



Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We believe that every person on earth has a God-given purpose or call, and that we maximise who we are when we operate within our call, which can only be discovered through God, the Creator.



We believe that all people are the same, regardless of origins, gender, colour or creed. We believe that all efforts in our enterprise must ultimately narrow down to people, starting within, with our staff and shareholders and extending to all stakeholders to our business.


Social & Economic Development

We believe that we have a responsibility to contribute towards the advancement of society by bringing transformation and reformation of the lives of the communities we serve.



In as much as we have a responsibility to lead, we believe that we have a responsibility to raise global leaders, teams of highly skilled men and women who are global - life-long learners, passionate about what they do, and committed to making a change through the products and services we offer.

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